Draft Full Paper Due:
May 7,2017 (Extended)

Notification of Draft Paper Acceptance:
May 10,2017 (Updated)

Author Registration Deadline:
May 25,2017(Extended)

Final Manuscript Due:
May 25,2017 (Updated)

Early Bird Registration Deadline:
August 1, 2017


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The SDPC 2017 International Conference will be held at Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., 100 Jiangchuan East Road, Shanghai, China. The conference hotel will be the Xueyuan Center, a four-star high-standard hotel, located alright on the campus of Shanghai Aircraft Customer Services Co., Ltd.

Please download the hotel room reservation information sheet under the Download page and send the completed sheet to the hotel reservation email SDPC2017_COMAC@163.com. The subject line of your email should be “SDPC 2017 room reservation + your full name”. Please note that each room reservation requires one completed information sheet. This reservation does not require a payment or deposit in advance. Once the staff receive your completed hotel reservation sheet, the hotel reservation will be made with the Xueyuan Center on your behalf. When you arrive and check in the hotel, you need to show your ID or passport, and pay the expense of your stay with the hotel. Please enjoy your stay with the special hotel rate for SDPC 2017. If you have any questions regarding hotel reservation, please feel free to contact Ms. Zhi LYU, (+86)21-20875198, (+86)15652192295, or Mr. Zhulin LIU, (+86)13564580906.


To Chinese participants:

SDPC 2017国际会议将在中国商飞上海飞机客户服务有限公司召开,地址位于上海市江川东路100号。会议推荐酒店为学苑中心,该酒店位于中国商飞上海飞机客户服务有限公司内。
由于酒店房间数量有限,请在2017年8月16日前尽早将《SDPC2017国际学术会议酒店预订表》(模板可以从大会官方网站的“Download”页面下载中文版或英文版)填写完毕后发送电子邮件到酒店预定邮箱SDPC2017_COMAC@163.com,请在电子邮件的“主题”行注明“SDPC2017酒店预订+参会人全名”。每一个房间需填写一份酒店预订表,酒店的预订无需提前缴费,工作人员收到《SDPC2017国际学术会议酒店预定表》后即会在学苑中心为您订房。当您到达酒店后,凭有效证件在酒店前台缴费后住宿。如您有任何问题,请与以下工作人员联系:吕骘, (+86)21-20875198, (+86)15652192295,或者刘竹霖, (+86)13564580906。